Rust Brothers



We are a part of many communities: family and friends, neighborhoods, artists, businesses, and eco-minded networks. Our impact is local and global.

Rust Brothers creates cabinetry and surfaces that are as attractive, durable and cutting edge as they are sustainable. We believe that our unique combination of creativity, irreverence, and professionalism set us apart in our industry, crafting a tasty buzz that is good for the earth, our  company and our community.

But don’t get us wrong. We’re not hippies…not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rust Brothers is owned and operated by four guys with similar world-views, different skill sets and adventurous souls. We create and install cool, high quality, innovative products for homeowners and small & large businesses – including Whole Foods, Microsoft and Boston Scientific; to name just a few.

We aggressively seek new methods and products to create beautiful things that others can’t quite imagine or won’t do. In fact, we’re not too proud to dive in our industrial neighbors’ dumpsters, rummaging around for crazy stuff to pulverize and turn into something new. We’ve done it. It was good. Dirty, but good. You should try it some time.

We dive in dumpsters because we believe that beautiful things can be created without taking things from the earth that cannot be renewed or replaced. We work with reclaimed or rapidly renewable materials and adhere to a “Cradle-to-Cradle” philosophy of the natural ecological cycle, where waste from one process provides food for another. Because we all know that the Earth is our mother and pissing her off is bad for everyone.

We use as many low and zero VOC materials and naturally occurring products in the manufacturing process as possible – without compromising quality – so we don’t poison the people who make and use our products. We need them too, after all.

Now, we realize that this may begin to sound like some Earth-child tome (Again, there’s nothing wrong with that!). But we believe that we all really do need each other, and we are committed to positively contributing to the local and global economy. Community, as you know, paves the proverbial road to peace, which, you know, leads to the kingdom of sustainable countertops.

As artists and craftsmen, we make an honest living for our families, who, in turn, contribute to the local community – socially and financially. As a company, we not only support other enterprises, but we also make it a priority to work directly with other businesses and designers who share similar social and environmental values.

And after all that, we rock out in our bands. We ride our bikes and grow our gardens. We try to raise our kids to be tiny Joe Strummers & Eleanor Roosevelts… and there’s for sure nothing wrong with that.